Advanced DSP

Fall Semester

First Session Syllabus:


Problem Set Chapter 8 (DSP, Oppenheim, 3rd Edition): 8,10, 8.11, 8.12, 8.20, 8.28, 8.33 ::

Problem Set Chapter 9 (DSP, Oppenheim, 3rd Edition): 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 9.15, 9.19, 9.20, 9.32, 9.35 ::

Mini Project 1: FFT (Download Here) ::

Mini Project 2: DCT (Download Here) ::

Problem Set Chapter 12 (DSP, Oppenheim, 3rd Edition): 12.1, 12.2, 12.4, 12.11, 12.20, 12.24 ::

Mini Project 3: STFT (Download Here) ::

Mini Project 4: Periodogram (Download Here) ::

Final Exam: DSP Oppenheim: Chapters: 8, 9, 11 :: Advanced Topic in Signal Processing: Chapters: 2, 6
:: One A4 sheet of formulas is allowed to bring to the exam room.

Final Projects ::
Fall 2018 :: Steganography Using Hilbert Transform ::

Fall 2019 Projects ::
Ms. Momeni: FFT Analysis to Detect Faults in Induction Motors
Ms. Khoshbakhti: Hilbert-Huang Transform in Vibration Signal Analysis
Ms. Fayegh: Time-Frequency Filter Bank for Audio and Music Seperation
Ms. Oruji: Time-Frequency Filtering Based on Spectrogram Zeros
Mr. Sebtonabi: Analysis of DNA Sequences using Multiresolution Transformation
Ms. Tabari: ECG Noise Removal and QRS Detection

Fall 2020 Projects ::
Mr. Mohammadloo: NMF-based Target Source Separation Using Deep Neural Network
Mr. Irani: STFT With Adaptive Window Width Based on the Chirp Rate
Mr. Maleki: Radar Moving Target Detection in Clutter Background via Adaptive Dual-Threshold Sparse Fourier Transform
Ms. Goshayesh: Fractional Fourier transform based underwater multi-targets direction-of-arrival estimation using wideband linear chirps
Ms. Rastegar: Modeling and FPGA-based implementation of an efficient and simple envelope detector using a Hilbert Transform FIR filter for ultrasound imaging applications
Mr. Arabsorkhi: Applications of Fractional Fourier Transform in Sonar Signal Processing
Mr. Shahi: Digital Signal Processing Methods for Ultrasonic Echoes
Mr. Karami: Prefix-Free Frequency Domain Equalization for Underwater Acoustic Single Carrier Transmissions
Mr. Abbasi: Fractional Fourier Transform for Ultrasonic Chirplet Signal Decomposition
Ms. Yasini: A Fast and Accurate Chirp Rate Estimation Algorithm Based on the Fractional Fourier Transform
Mr. Ghanbari: Identification of Sonar Detection Signal Based on Fractional Fourier Transform
Mr. Baghyar: Sonar System Software and Hardware Development: Fish Finder Application
Mr. Gilaki: Developing signal processing of echo sounder for measuring acoustic backscatter